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Greetings, my name is David. I have been studying astrology for over 30 years and have been a professional astrologer since 1997. I have worked for clients from all walks of life including members of the British royal family, many budding magicians, people in the military, business professionals, anomalous experiencers of all kinds and, very likely, people like you. In that time I have also made a study of magic and my personal life journey has been a fusion of the two into a practical system. This system was published in 2011 as a book, The 26 Keys, a new approach to astrology which presents a modern fusion of the two ancient traditions. For the last 10 years I have provided a free online journal funded by Patreon supporters where I publish a monthly in depth exploration of topics connected to both magic and astrology. You will find details on all these things below. Thank you for your interest in astrology and magic and for finding  your way here, I hope you will enjoy learning with me. 



For more details on these services please see the sections below.


Personal Consultations

Personal consultations and guidance on any situation - relationships, health, self knowledge, magical development, finances, career or other more unusual matters. 



The 26 Keys, a new approach to astrology and a system of magical initation based on the birth chart. 



Journeys in the Astral Light, a free archive of in depth writing on magic and astrology, updated monthly and  paid for by Patreon supporters. 

Personal Consultations


You can meet with me online to discuss anything you wish and record the meeting for your personal and private use. I offer a range of astrological services including natal chart readings, synastry and composite analysis for relationships, forecasting, elections (choosing an auspicious moment), and more. Topics frequently covered include careers, health, personal development, finances and love. I also offer tuition in magic. Take a look at the subjects covered in my Journeys (see below) as I am here to explore any of those areas with you too. I also offer experienced practical advice and instruction on magical initiation and psychic development as well as insight into anomalous experiences. I am both a teacher and an interpreter in these areas and have helped many people on their unique paths. 

A consultation takes an hour and is followed up with emails and voice messages which clarify things further and provide you with specific tools. This allows you to come up with follow up questions and also gives me more time to come up with insights. Every situation needs to be treated uniquely, but most issues move forward significantly in the first meeting, and many are resolved. My fee for my time and work is 100 euros per hour meeting with you online. Please request to book a time using the bookings form below.  You can also donate to my work using the button provided. 


I deal with all kinds of situations in confidence and what my clients say is extremely important to me. Without their support and satisfaction, I wouldn’t be in business. That’s why I’m so invested in treating each person as a unique individual with specific needs. Below you can take a look at what people have said about working with me and if you are interested in meeting then please get in touch to arrange an appointment. Thanks for your time and attention! 


Sessions with David Coleman are a tremendously profound, potent resource in my life. I have never worked with a more gifted, insightful Seer.  Each time I come to him in need of support, vision, and tools, I come away deeply enriched and empowered. I constantly recommend him to practitioners, and hear back from them again and again with reports of how David's game-changing presence has transformed their lives. That's been my experience as well.

- Stuart Davis

Image by Aldebaran S